MOVE 2019 Follow-Up

We had a great time with your student at MOVE 2019! Our prayer is that everyone left the conference with a strengthened relationship with Jesus Christ. The worship, messages, and times of fellowship were amazing. Here are a few notes about the weekend to help catch you up. Take some time to talk to your student about the conference and how God moved in them.

The Messages

Students heard from two great speakers, Clayton King and Naeem Fazal. Clayton shared his story of being adopted and shared that, as Christians, we are all adopted into the family a God – that He chose us. Naeem described his encounter with Christ as a college student and how it rocked his traditional Muslim beliefs and family. The Gospel message was clearly shared (with over 300 students receiving Christ Friday night) and the challenge from both speakers was to make your next move with Christ – salvation, baptism, missions, praying for someone, talking to a friend about Jesus, whatever He may be calling you to.

Worship & Entertainment

We enjoyed incredible worship from Bethany Barr Phillips and concerts by Riley Clemmons, Micah Tyler, and of course, CROWDER! What an amazing thing it is to watch our students with their hands lifted, singing about Jesus at the top of their lungs. We were also entertained by illusionist Bryan Drake who used his magic and mentalism to share the truth of Christ with thousands of students during the weekend.

The Follow-Up

In every session students were challenged to MOVE TOGETHER, but also to finish this statement…

My next MOVE is…

That next move may be following Christ in baptism. It could be sharing Christ with a friend, a family member, or complete stranger. Maybe it is traveling around the world or just down the street into your mission field. For some it is starting to live a life that matches what we say we believe. For others it is reading scripture for themselves on a regular basis. Whatever your next step it, this is the time to take it.

As we begin the new year, we will be encouraging students to find and make that next move in their life. One way we plan to do this is a 40 Day Prayer Challenge. Students will choose one person to pray for daily for 40 days. Parents are encouraged to join in on this challenge and help keep your student accountable for their prayer time.

The EDGE Student Ministry is looking forward to a great 2020!